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How to look after a synthetic wig

The best thing about your synthetic wig is that you don't have to style them because they are moulded to the style, so once you've washed your wig it will dry back to its original style leaving time to be you!

What you need:

  • Wig brush

  • Fibre shampoo

  • Fibre conditioner or Soft and sheen conditioner

  • Sink/Basin

  • Water

  • Towel

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Postal Wig Washing Service

If caring for your own wig is too daunting, I offer a postal wig refreshing service - you simply post me our wig and I wash and refresh for you and post back.

  1. First, brush out the wig removing any holding spray and any tangles using a wig brush

  2.  Wet down your wig with cold to tepid water apply shampoo and squeeze through the wig until lathered do not rub (Unfortunately, synthetic wigs do require a speciality shampoo)

  3. Be sure to remove any makeup around the part line

  4. Rinse the wig in clean cool water

  5. Remove the wig once you are satisfied it is completely rinsed

Bring Back the Softness

Now it’s time to really bring back the softness! 


  1. Have a sink with tepid water,  mix in some fibre conditioner

  2. Fully submerge your wig for at least five minutes

  3. Rinse the conditioner off with cold /tepid water making sure its completely rinse

  4. Wrap the wig in a towel and squeeze gently to remove excess water

  5. Gently brush, with a wig brush, to separate fibres

  6. Then place on a stand and allow to dry naturally!



PLEASE KEEP AWAY FROM DIRECT HEAT ie ovens, steam from a kettle -  don't force dry your wigs ie hairdryer, radiators, airing cupboards and yes once I was asked once can I put it in a washing machine that's a big no-no .


Soft and sheen conditioner is a leave-in conditioner which I would definitely recommend on longer styles to use in between washes to help to soften fibres and help to protect against friction fizz

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